Applewood Construction Corp. Presents Future Newbury, MA Housing Development

The Newbury, MA project by Applewood Construction Corp., an established developer with over 31 years of experience, is expected to have up to 24 homes. Please review our information available on this page. We will update this listing as more information and timelines become available. At this time we are not pre-selling this project. Sales Agent: Renee Johnson Applewood Realty

Pricing and Home Styles

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Our Newbury project is a 24 unit single family home subdivision that is currently in the planning stages. For a look at a similar-style home, please check out a 360 tour

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We will post more information, including contact information, as it becomes available. For now, what is listed on this page is the information available on the project.


Option Plan A

Option Plan B

Option Plan C

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We reserve the right to make changes to the home and/or to make deviations from the plans or specifications necessary in our sole discretion by site, job, governmental conditions, or availability of materials.

All vendors have been selected by the builder, we do not allow substitution of any vendors, suppliers, or subcontractors.

Square footage estimated only and may vary in actual construction.